Open letter: In the general trend of global development of science and technology in recent years, countries in the world, from developed countries to developing countries, have focused on promoting the development of Industry 4.0. This is not only the strategy of enterprises, but also the strategy for development of countries, which are oriented to develop modern science and technology for themselves.

Meiko Electronics Group was established in 1975. After more than 45 years of construction and development, we are currently the No. 1 corporation in Japan in manufacturing electronic circuit boards, ranked 4th in the world in  manufacturing  circuit boards for automotive industry (according to 2019 statistics), with the orientation of automating the production stages and researching in high-tech fields. It is our wishes to contribute to the development of society. Previously, Meiko was a mechatronics company called Meiko Trading and Engineering Co., LTD, which was established on April 1, 2014. On September 26, 2019, Meiko Automation Joint Stock was established with the goal of becoming a leading technology company in Vietnam to support and provide automated solutions for companies in the group, with our focus on researching new technologies from which we can proactively produce automation equipment that Vietnam has to import from abroad, with the desire to contribute to the development of Vietnam’s industry in the future.

Our vision:

  • Become a technology company, specializing in designing and manufacturing  high-tech automation equipment in Vietnam
  • Establish strategic partnership with large enterprises in Vietnam to provide solutions, design systems and products for factories and projects in Vietnam and worldwide
  • Export pioneering technology products from Vietnam to the world

Our duty:

  • Mastering technology, becoming the leading company in Vietnam in researching, designing and manufacturing equipment
  • Providing our customers with integrated solutions and automation products such as Robots, IoT products, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Self-propelled Forklift
  • Building a healthy working environment , always promoting the creativity of our staffs, bringing a complete material and spiritual life to our employees, contributing to the development of Vietnam

Our core values:

  • People hold the biggest value of a company. People of Meiko Automation JSC always work with a high spirit, enthusiasm and conscientiousness.
  • Professional and modern human resource management system
  • Always pioneering in promoting creativity, regularly innovating to bring the best products and services, to meet the expectations of customers

Our quality policy:

  • Compliance with quality standards according to ISO 9001:2015
  • For the development of the best products and services, we set quality and goals that are linked to all of our manufacturing and management activities.
  • Customer satisfaction which is always the highest factor that we aim for, must be achieved with the company’s products and services
  • We guarantee that we will meet the needs of our customers, legal and quality management system departments
  • Strive to be a company that designs and manufactures automation and high-tech products with the best quality

Our slogan:

  • Technology for future solutions

Area of operations:

  • Designing, manufacturing automation equipment
  • Researching on software systems, IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) products
  • Designing and manufacturing self-propelled forklifts, robots and smart warehouse systems.
  • Designing and manufacturing ventilators
  • OEM/ODM services