CPAP MMD-V1 Non-invasive Ventilator

CPAP MMD-V1 Non-invasive Ventilator

Manufactured by Meiko – Japanese leading electronics corporation

After doing researches, Meiko Automation Joint-stock Company had come up with our new product CPAP MMD-V1 Non-invasive Ventilator

Our product has been clinical tested on humans at Bach Mai Hospital and its effectiveness and convenience is highly appreciated by Bach Mai’s specialized doctors. On 09/01/2021, our product has been licensed with Certificate of Free Sale number 210000ĐKLH/BYT-TB-CT by Ministry of Health.

Differ from regular ventilator on the market, Meiko branded ventilator promises to bring satisfaction to our customers by its outstanding feature – IoT integration (available on Smartphone and Tablet), helping customers to easily monitor from a distance and to manage multiple machines at the same time. Moreover, our product is capable of alerting after 10 seconds without detecting patient’s breath or if patient’s heart rate and the concentration of oxygen in the blood (SpO2) is low. With this features, along with its compact design, easy-to-use operation, our product is suitable for treatment at home or hospitals, nursing homes, quarantine facilities.

Manufacturing process of the MMD-V1 ventilator

Assembling the case

Body assembly

Product calibration

Export 33 ventilators to the Indian

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