OEM/ODM Service

OEM/ODM Service

In business, in order to survive and grow, an enterprise must constantly innovate. Especially in today’s market, consumer’s diversified needs are always changing. Enterprises usually invest in R&D activities for new products, as these activities will help enterprises maintain their competitive advantages and ensure market renewal.

However, investing in R&D activities may contains some risks associated with capital investment. These risks increase proportionally with the money invested. The cost of maintaining an R&D team with sufficient quantity, qualifications and skills, not to mention the cost of purchasing equipment and machineries, is fairly large for the enterprises. However, it can not be guaranteed that these investments will bring the result.

Therefore, a smart solution for enterprises today is hiring an R&D team from a company with experiences to avoid all of those cost related risks mentioned above.

To meet the above needs, Meiko Automation Joint Stock Company provides OEM/ODM for R&D products with following commitment:

  • Minimize cost for R&D products until success
  • We will transfer all of the product’s technology to our customers
  • Customers own patent rights for R&D products from us
  • Supporting customer with mass production and product improvement and maintenance

With a team of nearly 100 engineers with high qualifications and experiences in R&D activities, we have succeeded  in R&D many products, such as Ventilator, Drone, Fire Detection System (Heat detector, control panel, PA system), self-propelled forklifts (AGF), Automated Warehouse System, IoT systems.

We are confident that our own capabilities will satisfy our customer with OEM/ODM services for R&D products at a reasonable price to get a desired result.